Our LED range

ADVANTELEC offers you a complete range of LED products. This range will allow you to save money on your electricity bills while at the same time improving the quality of your lighting.

Our different ranges :

The LED panel

The LED panel is an ideal solution to replace your fluorescent troffers. It offers unrivaled visual comfort thanks to perfect lighting homogeneity. The LED panel also offers a balanced lighting with no dazzling light and therefore it does not cause eye fatigue.

Its consumption is significantly lower, and its lifetime is 5 to 10 times longer. This energy efficient product is perfect for applications such as in hotels, bank branches, offices, conference rooms, etc.

Designed for both commercial and domestic applications, it can also be used to light restaurants, shops, supermarkets, classrooms, schools, town halls, hospitals, dental laboratories, warehouses, factories, railway stations, public spaces, … and many other sectors and spaces.

Downlight TraKclight LED

Our downlights are, like other products from our range, built to last. With different wattages in our portfolio, we are able to provide you with a technical and aesthetic solution adapted to your constraints.

Our LED downlights will effectively replace your fluorescent lamps in tertiary applications and more generally wherever little space in the ceiling is available.

Our range of LED downlights combines high visual comfort with the advantages of LED technology, offering reliable lighting solutions with minimal energy consumption and eliminating maintenance costs.

LED lamps

LED bulbs offer a perfect light quality for every occasion. LED bulbs will meet all your needs, from soft lighting for a romantic evening to bright lighting to highlight your most beautiful objects.

LED bulbs are ideal for applications in bedrooms, kitchens or bathrooms. LED lighting produces consistent, high-quality light without flickering, and offers a high color rendering index that guarantees the authenticity of the colors of illuminated objects.

The dimmable bulbs will allow you to adjust the lighting level at your convenience.

LED bulkhead light with sensor

LED bulkhead lights are particularly suitable for lighting common areas (entrance halls, corridors, …).

Our bulkhead lights are available in standard and vandalism-proof versions. A sensor option has also been developed:

– Detection + Switch-off warning + Standby mode

LED tubes

LED tubes offer high and consistent luminous quality and efficiency, unlike neon or fluorescent tubes which tend to flicker and whose light intensity decreases over time. The LED tube is suitable for indoor use; it does not heat up and it is easy to install.

LED tube applications are diverse: supermarkets, car parks, administration, offices ….

Waterproof fixtures are compatible with LED tubes. They are fully wired and ready to install. The molded translucent polycarbonate shell is designed to effectively diffuse light. Fixtures with integrated LED can replace your fluorescent fixtures. Some are equipped with a presence detector, making them an ideal system to reduce energy consumption in passageways.

LED projector

LED projectors have a high lighting power thanks to their matrix diodes. This low-energy lighting system can easily replace energy-consuming halogen floodlights.

It is ideal for diverse outdoor applications (facades, stages, courtyards, …): it is waterproof, does not heat and produces a very powerful light beam.

LED suspensions are exceptionally efficient, allowing savings of more than 50% compared to traditional sodium or mercury lamps. They are ideal for workshops, warehouses, toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, etc… LED suspensions have sufficient luminous flux to be used even in very large installations. They are waterproof (IP65) and come with a 5-year guarantee.